Beginning with Intentions

I always start strong.

That first burst of energy at the beginning of a new relationship, a new creative project, a new habit or goal is intoxicating. Go big or go home, right? Show up or shut up.


I shy away from fad-steeped jargon that has been over-marketed to death. Words like mindfulness. intention. branding.

Yet, here I am. I am rebuilding my online space, carving out a creative patch, and attempting to define what it is I actually do, creatively speaking. I just started an online mixed-media course that recommended journaling my intentions for the course, and as a teacher I know that is best practice. It’s a solid way to know if I’m meeting the self-designed goals I set, especially toward the middle murky bit when my perfectionism starts to take hold and I feel discouraged.

I should set intentions for this space. For my studio. For my poetry. I can engage in good practice without hyping it. I believe in the power of the written word; I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

I cleaned my studio this weekend. (I also bathed my dog—she smelled like garbage juice). I have an art show in just over two weeks. What then am I doing?

I am a socially engaged, mixed-media, language-based artist.

I think that’s as good a summary as I’ve ever devised. I left off “process-oriented,” but that’s probably alright. Now, on to consider my intentions for the course…


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