The Art of Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is powerful. Smashing two ideas together creates space for a new idea. Borderlands are birthplaces for creativity and change.

AMPERSANDWICH is a portmanteau of AMPERSAND and SANDWICH -- the squeezed place between all the &s. AMPERSANDWICH is everything about how identify informs art. It is the queer & femme & teacher & writer & artist & medically disabled & Christian & trilingual & intersectional feminist & sober & recovering & food allergy & sexual assault survivor & everything you can label & some things you can't.


Art is a meaning-making process. As a mixed media artist, I am interested in interplay. Combining various media — printmaking, found art, text-based art — engages me in new processes each time I play in my studio.

Art is a statement about the artist. Bob Ross painted Happy Little Clouds. I paint clouds, too. I engage with the significance of clouds in the desert (where I live now) and in the plains (where I grew up). I ask, What do clouds mean to me? What might they mean to my audience?

Art dialogues with the world. I create as a progressive femme in a conservative state — that is a manner of engagement. I use my chronic migraine disease as fodder for some of my art pieces; this has opened up the world of chronic artists and other migraine artists. I co-produced an exhibit dedicated to and featuring survivors of abuse — we sparked community engagement. Art is my ongoing dialogue with the world.

Creative practice is a vehicle for change.


Select Collaborations

2019: UnSilenced: Stories of Courage & Survival — collaboration with College of So. Idaho, Rebel Art Studio, Voices Against Violence [view portfolio]
2018: Reclaimed Art Show — Rebel Art Studio
2016: Idaho Commission on the Arts, Arts Powered Schools Residency Cooperating Teacher, with Teaching Artist Troy Passey